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Our vision

In 2022, BLP directly managed over $100 million in Facebook, Google Adwords, and Instagram direct response ad spend. Having worked with some of the world’s fastest-growing companies, we hand pick our clients and only take on a select few at a time. 

Our mission is simple: help you scale while exceeding your goals. We use a combination of direct response marketing science and conversion-focused creative to offer a best-in- class service backed by a team that has spent hundreds of millions of dollars on acquisition.

Whatever your goals, BLP can help you achieve them.

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behind BLP


Co-founder & CEO


Co-founder & CMO

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“BLP's biggest asset is our people. Everyone on our team deeply understands direct response digital marketing and can help your business make more money online.” 



the team behind BLP

Nick Sharp
Chief Strategy Officer
Dylan Kidder
Chief Operating Officer
Andy Green
Managing Director & Creative Lead
Mitch Gillespie
Managing Director
Thomas Smythe
Managing Director
Eric Tang
Digital Marketing Director
Alex Smolowe
Associate Creative Director
Cullen Bounds
Associate Creative Director
Matt Shuman
Senior Partnerships Manager
Yuan Christian-He
Senior Digital Marketing Manager
Ritvika Chandra
Digital Marketing Director
Emily Ciccione
Senior Digital Marketing Manager
Max Houtkooper
Digital Marketing Manager
Samantha Orgioni
Digital Media Designer

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