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Media Planning and Buying

Each campaign is designed to deliver the results that align with your strategic plan, from brand awareness to new customer acquisition, with expert 24/7 monitoring to make sure your investment is constantly optimized. We put our money where our results are. We pride ourselves in delivering cost-effective, measurable, and exceptional returns with our bought media.

With millions of dollars of spend each month, our team is experienced in designing and scaling campaigns across dozens of digital platforms, whether it's Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, Google Search, and more. 

Did you know that our team managed to grow a single account to become the world’s second-biggest advertiser on Facebook in 2015 and the biggest advertiser on Instagram in Fall 2015?

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Growth Strategy

In a rapidly changing world, you need the latest in data-driven strategy to help you reach your growth & scaling goals. We've got your back, with insights pulled from working with some of the world’s fastest-growing companies.

We’ll help you enter new markets and verticals quickly and profitably, discover new and untapped profit pools, and guide you in innovating, launching, and expanding your product portfolios. Whether it's helping to expand your existing market or diversify into a new niche, we're thrilled to work with you in becoming the next big thing.

But don’t take our word for it—find out how we scaled a skincare brand to over 3.5x ROAS in under a year here.

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No matter your goals, we work in tandem with your team to create and edit any and all creative assets using direct response best practices.

Our Creative Department prides itself on:
๏ Writing concise, effective ad copy that speaks to your target audience.
๏ Creating images that stop the customer scrolling and draw them in
๏ Shooting & editing custom & existing video assets to tell the story of your brand in as short a time as possible.

Beautiful creative tells a story when you use it right. Learn how deploying and testing compelling creative allowed us to hit and surpass cost-per-order goals by over 50% here.

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Full Funnel Optimization

Your prospects are valuable. Let's help you close them. Our full-funnel approach combines expertise with an outsider's eye in order to examine every step of the customer journey and uncover the clearest, most compelling and urgent path forward.

Every part of the funnel matters, and no detail is too small. From customer acquisition, activation, retention, and reselling, we find ways to maximize efficiency and drive unparalleled growth.

Your leads are treasured assets, and we get that. Learn how we streamlined and enhanced a client’s conversion funnel and helped them scale from $0 spend to over $50k/ month.

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Martech and Automation

A good tool can make all the difference. We match your overall goals and strategy with the tools you need to track and deliver results. We'll help recommend and integrate new and powerful tools with your CRMs to build effective sales funnels.

Best of all, we'll help you automate the busywork, ensuring communication with leads and prospects over time to maximize close rates and retention value. With experience working with all the leading automated sales funnels—Hubspot, Lemlist, Go HighLevel, Outreach and more — we're confident we can help recommend and build out your automation suite.

The right tools, in the right hands, can have incredible results. Learn how we reduced CPA by 46% through the use of powerful automation and tools.

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Events + Digital Activation

As brands increasingly look to in-person events and activations to build awareness and drive revenue, BLP and it’s experiential marketing partner, Pop Up Mob, work collaboratively to ensure your digital strategy and your events work together to help you achieve your goals.

A great event is nothing without attendees. Our teams apply a digital framework to scale the ROI of event activations before and after execution. We help brands cut through the noise and drive lasting consumer relationships with results that are both meaningful, from a brand affinity standpoint, but also profitable and repeatable.

See how our combined event + digital activation offering helped build a category defining brand.

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