How We Unlocked Scalability and Efficiency for A Supplement Brand with Rigorous Testing and Continuous Optimization.


Tru Niagen




Strategy, Concept, Web Design, Marketing


The supplement brand Tru Niagen came to us in 2019 for help in improving their multi-channel online marketing performance. Having worked with other agencies previously, they were disappointed in issues with missing cost-per-acquisition (CPA) targets and difficulties in scaling their online presence. We stepped in to fill those gaps with the goals of achieving both campaign efficiency and scalability.


Working shoulder-to-shoulder with the client, we identified room for improvement and rebuilt the top-to-bottom funnel for Tru Niagen. Our marketing team restructured existing account setups to fit the best practices. We also customized targeting strategies to best suit the client’s products and acquisition goals. Aiming at continuously optimizing ads and assets, we set up rigorous testing methodology and cadence when it comes to finding the winning assets. We utilized insights learned from the ongoing tests to re-design and update both static and video ad creative, which enabled us to create a sustainable model of scaling success from best-performing ads.


Immediately after our team took over the client’s marketing campaigns from the previous agency, we hit and surpassed the cost-per-order goals by over 50% on both Facebook and PPC. Our initial success paved the way for more scaling and growth opportunities for the client throughout the years. Since 2019, our team has continued to meet the client’s CPA target while managing over $250k/month in spend on Facebook, Adwords, Bing, and Amazon.

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