How We Leveraged Scaling Expertise to Profitably Boost Client’s Marketing Spend to $2 Million per Month.


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Guthy-Renker is one of the largest direct marketing companies and owns a diverse portfolio of beauty, skincare, and wellness brands.

In order to fuel the growth of many of its sub-brands while reaching the cost-per-acquisition (CPA) target, Guthy-Renker came to us looking for a trusted partner to manage and improve paid campaigns for over 12 brands.


We focused our efforts on audience targeting and assets testing to identify the most profitable audience segments and streamline the replication of best-performing ads for the client. Diving deeply into the data and analytics of each campaign enabled us to continuously discover new opportunities for expanding audiences, adjusting targeting attributes, and optimizing ad creative and copy. Built upon incremental improvements made on the ad level, our team was able to create tremendous momentum to scale up daily conversion volume and revenue for the client without compromising on the CPA goals.


Upon the deployment of our testing and scaling strategies, we boosted the client’s ad spend to over $2 million per month while constantly achieving the established CPA target. Within the first month of managing the account, our team pushed one of the client’s skincare and haircare lines, Meaningful Beauty, to the next level by boosting the spend by more than 7x while maintaining an efficient within-target CPA. Going beyond short-term success, our team generated a 3.5x+ YoY spend growth for the client’s topical skincare line, Crepe Erase, and achieved over $1 million spend per month for that line alone within CPA goals. 

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