How Our Multi-Channel Data-Driven Approach Helped the Client Achieve Lower CPA While Growing






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Soothe is a fast-growing mobile wellness company that helps connect customers with top wellness and personal care providers. As Soothe expanded to more locations, they came to us for help in optimizing their online marketing strategies and managing campaigns across different platforms.


In an effort to expand the client’s digital marketing presence, we tested multiple ad platforms including Apple Search Ads, Criteo, Yelp, Snapchat, YouTube, and GDN. Managing the marketing campaigns across 100+ geo locations for the client, we also proactively optimized targeting through various local and state regulations.

Leveraging the data and insights gained from ongoing campaigns, our team also consulted for the client on product updates and new service offerings through a data-driven approach. 


After we strategically launched Google Ads ads across 100+ geo locations for multiple services, we managed to lower the CPA by over 20% while managing a $170k/mo spend. We also scaled the client’s Facebook ad spend up to $200k/month while hitting CPA goals. Using a combination of Google and LinkedIn Ads, our team continued to drive quality leads to the client’s B2B team, which resulted in a 10% lower cost per lead and 15% larger average deal size ($30k).

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