How We Accelerated A Skincare-Innovation Brand’s Growth with Direct Response Best Practices






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In August 2018, the Nestle skincare products brand, Proactiv came to us looking for a more scalable marketing strategy that can help the brand stand out in the online direct-to-consumer (DTC) space. We were asked to lead their social and paid search campaigns with the goals of not only achieving short-term scaling but also building long-term growth for the brand. 


We implemented a custom direct response strategy that fits the client’s product lines and target customers. Our team leveraged traffic from both lookalikes and interest-based audiences and continued to fine-tune the targeting attributes using performance data. On the ads level, we tested various combinations of ad copy, creative, and headlines to maximize the click-through and conversion rates. Our team also dedicated efforts toward replicating and scaling the success of our winning assets, in order to create a sustainable paid conversion funnel for the client.


With the launch of our new campaigns, we saw an immediate improvement in performance during the first month of managing this account. Our team scaled up the client’s ad spend by more than 3x while efficiently reducing the cost per acquisition (CPA) by over 50%. By continuously implementing direct response best practices, we were also able to carry the initial success throughout the year. From 2018 to 2019, we increased the client’s ad spend by more than 3x and reduced CPA by 46%, which helped push the brand toward a trajectory of accelerated growth.

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