How the partnership between BLP and Pop Up Mob combined the worlds of experiential marketing and digital amplification to elevate a leading beauty brand.


Anastasia Beverly Hills


Brand Elevation


Strategy, Experiential Marketing


ABH sought to launch a pop-up shop that would not only introduce its beauty and brow products to a wider audience but also create a lasting buzz that transcended geographic boundaries. The challenge was to seamlessly merge the in-person experience with a digital marketing campaign to maximize the impact.


  • – A digital marketing powerhouse known for its results-driven approach and expertise in leveraging the digital landscape for brands.
  • Pop Up Mob – Pop Up Mob is a one stop shop for pop ups, creating experiences from concept and design to execution and operations, using innovative storytelling methods that connect brands and consumers through unforgettable narratives.


  • Crafting the Experiential Event: Pop Up Mob took the lead in crafting a one-of-a-kind in-person event in Santa Monica. The pop-up shop was designed to not just showcase ABH's product line but to immerse attendees in the brand's world. With interactive beauty stations, live tutorials, and Instagram-worthy installations, the event promised to be a beauty lover's dream.
  • Amplifying the Buzz: This is where BLP came into play. As the event unfolded, BLP executed a meticulously planned paid media campaign that spanned across the US and international markets. The campaigns sought to deliver on two main objectives: 1) to promote the event within the greater Los Angeles area, fostering excitement and attracting foot traffic; and 2) to capture the enthusiasm generated by the in-person experience and amplify it globally through digital channels, with the aim of not only building and involving the brand's already loyal community but also driving direct online sales.


  • Experiential Success: Pop Up Mob's pop-up shop was a huge hit. Beauty enthusiasts flocked to Santa Monica to immerse themselves in the world of ABH. Attendees shared their experiences on social media, creating a snowball effect of excitement and anticipation.This drove the brand to extend the campaign throughout Southern California, building upon the success from the Los Angeles pop-up.
  • Digital Amplification: BLP's digital campaign aimed to complement the in-person event while also promoting direct sales of ABH’s products. Its creative team worked to tailor creatives specifically to each goal, while its media buyers tested several iterations of each creative at the onset of the campaign.
  • Measurable Impact: BLP’s strategy resulted in significant increases in CTR, a reduction in CPM, and an increase in both local and global product sales compared to control periods. Additionally, BLP was able to deliver concrete learnings from the campaign to the client, providing a better template for future promotions.
  • Lasting Partnership: Beyond supporting the activation, BLP continued to drive new sales for ABH. During the course of our three year partnership, BLP generated $XXX,XXX in sales for ABH using paid digital channels including Facebook, Instagram, Google, and YouTube.


The collaboration between BLP and Pop Up Mob for Anastasia Beverly Hills' pop-up shop in Los Angeles exemplifies the power of combining experiential marketing with a digital amplification strategy. By seamlessly merging the real-world experience crafted by Pop Up Mob with BLP's digital expertise, the campaign achieved exceptional results. ABH's brand presence was not just elevated; the campaign also helped drive direct, quantifiable ROI, proving that a well-executed partnership can turn a brand's vision into a reality, leaving a lasting mark in the world of beauty and cosmetics.

This case study stands as a testament to the possibilities when creativity, expertise, and innovation converge to drive success in the modern marketing landscape.

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