Are You Launching Enough New Ads?

The greatest way to improve a struggling campaign is to work in new ads. The greatest way to improve a thriving campaign is to work in new ads.

Regardless of your campaign’s health, iterating and testing more new ads is likely to push you forward, increasing the chances that you’ve found a new winning ad capable of bringing your campaign to the next level.

Even if your new ads aren’t necessarily better, here are three more reasons you’ll benefit greatly from launching more ads:

Diminishing Returns

Your existing creative, no matter how good, will eventually see diminishing returns and a decrease in performance. Ask yourself how many TV ads you see today that also ran 5 years ago. Every ad, even the best ad, runs its course.

Lower CPMs

New ads typically enjoy the benefit of lower CPMs early on. That’s right, Facebook’s algorithm rewards advertisers for launching new ads. The reasoning behind this should be pretty simple — a user who sees the same content over and over might eventually become annoyed. New ads keep it fresh for the end user, and they’re more likely to engage with something they’ve never seen before.

Added Learnings

They’ll help you learn. You may get a better idea about individual elements (specific benefits, features, CTAs, etc.) within ads contributing to your campaign’s success, which you can then iterate on. And even failed ads are invaluable. They’ll tell you what to avoid in the future.